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Grrr @ Blogger

Tonight, I'm being reminded why I hate Blogger so much sometimes. I've spent over half an hour trying to create a post on a blog I've got there. I wouldn't mind, but it's a cut and paste from an email, which usually works fine because it preserves the links and stuff. And you end up being very cruel to the left button on your mouse, clicking it ever harder to try to get something to happen.From their STATUS page, it seems they're having all sorts of hardware problems. Tsk tsk. The Google guys won't be impressed.


Lazy writers

I'm still alive. I haven't written anything for several weeks now. Why is that? Yardwork, vacation, work-work – you know the score.

So, do I want to be a writer? I think I do. I'm pretty sure I do. Am I prepared to put in the hours to make it happen? I think I am. I do work hard, generally. Maybe that's the problem. All work and no write make Rob a very dull boy. He has some good stuff he's made, and he's getting a tan, but those words just ain't coming out of the brain. There is some debate as to whether they've ever been in the brain to start with.

How to get out of this fugue? Well, I should take some of my own medicine, and write some small stuff. Update my blog, get the fingers working a bit, write some flash fiction, maybe write a bit of non-fiction. What do you think?